TW3742AJ Accutenna® Anti-Jam Single-Band GNSS Antenna

The TW3742AJ is a precision high-gain GNSS antenna built with Tallysman’s unique Accutenna® technology, providing single-band GPS/QZSS-L1, GLONASS-G1, Galileo-E1, and BeiDou-B1 coverage, including the satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) available in the region of operation [WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), or GAGAN (India)].

The Tallysman anti-jam feature modifies the radiation pattern of the GNSS antenna such that it is “deaf” to signals arriving from 10 ° below and 15 ° above the horizon while slightly increasing the gain of the antenna at zenith. Since jamming signals typically originate at low elevations, the TW3742AJ antenna mitigates signals below 15 °.

Tallysman’s patented Accutenna® technology enables the TW3742AJ antenna to provide a truly circular right-hand polarized signal through the entire bandwidth, thereby enabling superior multipath signal rejection and out-of-band signal rejection. This feature makes the TW3742AJ ideal for professional precision timing and positioning applications.

The TW3742AJ features a precision-tuned, dual-feed patch element. The signals from the two orthogonal feeds are combined in a hybrid combiner, amplified in a wideband LNA, then band-split for narrow filtering and further amplified before recombination at the output. The antenna also has a strong pre-filter to mitigate inter-modulated signal interference from LTE and other cellular bands. The TW3742AJ offers an excellent axial ratio and a tightly grouped phase centre variation.

The TW3742AJ is housed in a permanent-mount metal base with two nickel-coated nuts and an IP67 weather-proof enclosure. Two options for pole mounting are available: an L-bracket or a pipe mount.


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