Time Server or NTP Servers

In a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionised by a new Industry4.0 ideas, above all ELPROMA helps guarantee long-term stability of critical infrastructures. To clarify, we are experts in IEEE1588 network time synchronisation. Our PTP/NTP timeservers are designed to keep SLAVE clocks highly stable and accurate, for instance at 5G, smart-grids, AVB, autonomous-vehicles. Moreover, our product are a world leading in security, because timing is about the cyber-security. Time is invisibly  conducting the distributed IT systems. Certainly, near every modern system is theses days distributed. Further more the new quality of Ethernet Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is now deployed in industry and we have the solution you need.

Time Server / NTP Server

Check our complete series of master clock model & comparison !

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