HANDI® 300 Double Face

HANDI® 300 Double Face Fast but approximate reading of time. Flat aluminium case. Acrylic front cover (Polymethyl methacrylate). Wall mounting or ceiling mounting with bracket or flag. Time setting by synchronization source. Autonomy of five years provided by a lithium

HANDI® Analog Clocks

HANDI® Analog Clocks Have a glance of our full range of  HANDI®  Analog Clocks ! HANDI® 300 Single Face HANDI® 300 Double Face HANDI® 300 Single Face WaterProof HANDI® 300 Double Face WaterProof HANDI® 450 Single Face HANDI® 450 Double Face

Analog Clock

Analog Clock

A MINIMALIST AESTHETIC AND TIMELESS DESIGN Our range of professional analog clocks provides an accurate and reliable time display and is available in standard or specific versions. For a whole range of applications, HANDI® analog clocks are renowned for the quality of

Gorgy Timing

  GORGY TIMING is founded in 1974. The company designs, produces and sells time distribution and synchronization systems, as well as LED communication displays. Worldwide recognized industry leader, Gorgy Timing is well known for its know-how and skills in the

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