Hospitals and Clinics

Keep your patient’s health a Top priority with a synchronized time system In hospitals and medical care facilities, time is critical. Reports, charts and recorded procedures require consistent time entries to ensure accurate record keeping. With an accurate synchronized clock

Radio Timing® GTC

Radio Timing® GTC Master clock system with built-in programmer unit and impulse output (either 1A/24V parallel minute impulse or half- minute serial reversed pulse). Read More

Financial Trading

Fairness, security and efficiency in financial trading Oscilloquartz is supporting the finance market and its TaaS providers with a comprehensive product portfolio for delivery and assurance of precise synchronization. Existing networks can seamlessly be upgraded from legacy NTP to highly

Extension of NTP server module

Extension of NTP server module For LEDI Network ITS & LEDI Network ITS v2 A LEDI Network ITS v2 NTP server can serve time to independent networks without interconnection between them. Full output Isolation ensuring optimal security for network management.

LEDI® Network ITS V2m

LEDI® Network ITS V2m The enhanced version of LEDI Network ITS V2m with triple synchronization redundant inputs and equipped with a high efficiency internal oscillator. Their stability offers an efficient and secured synchronization in all circumstances. 1st time reference input

LEDI® Network TS

LEDI® Network TS The innovative range of LEDI NETWORK TS (Master Clock System) updates devices connected to ETHERNET network and clocks connected to this network. Implementation is simple : just “plug and play”. A complete range of servers that have:

Digital Clock

Digital Clock

The LEDI® LEDICA® digital clocks for indoor and outdoor. A range of digital clock to resolutely professional LED The digital clocks LED LEDI® of ranges and LEDICA® in their standard version consist of a matt anodized aluminum casing, a front

Gorgy Timing

  GORGY TIMING is founded in 1974. The company designs, produces and sells time distribution and synchronization systems, as well as LED communication displays. Worldwide recognized industry leader, Gorgy Timing is well known for its know-how and skills in the

NTP Server / Master Clock

NTP Server / Master Clock

NTP servers or Master Clock: security and hot plug system Some installations are particularly demanding in terms of security and continued service. In order to meet these specific constraints, we design and manufacture master clock and NTP servers with redundancy,


Time systems displaying the time in classrooms, corridors, library and playground and computers Gorgy Timing and Oscilloquartz time clocks synchronize receiver clocks, displaying the time in classrooms, corridors, library and playground, and they also can synchronize the computer networks with time

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