Core PTP grandmasters

Products OSA 5335 Our OSA 5335 delivers precise and reliable frequency, phase and time-of-day info for mobile and other industries, from media broadcasting to smart power grids … Learn More OSA 5430 Series Our OSA 5430 is designed to help

PTP / IEEE 1588 Grandmaster/Slave

PTP Grandmaster and PTP Slave Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a solution for the distribution of synchronization over IP-based packet networks such as IP, IP/MPLS, Ethernet, IP/xPON and IP/xDSL networks. OSA 5401 Syncplug Our OSA 5401 Syncplug™ is a highly

Telecom GNSS Clock

Synchronization solutions based on GNSS (GPS and/or GLONASS) Tracked on GPS and/or GLONASS, these clocks provide the most precise frequency to the network. Their accuracy exceeds ITU-T G.811 and Stratum 1 norms. OSA 5401 Syncplug Our OSA 5401 Syncplug™ is

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