Test set for packet-based and TDM networks

Field tools designed to test and prove sync performances in the network.

Sync Assurance

Precise timing is mandatory for running a high-performance network. Mandatory to ensure the continued success of your network and your business. From the core to the last mile, our technology is the first in the industry to provide end-to-end timing distribution and assurance. The first in the industry to provide you with full visibility.

Oscilloquartz Clock Probe, PTP Clock Probe, PTP Network Probe and Slave Probe. The Clock Probe is used to measure frequency and phase accuracy of a physical clock source based on TE, TIE and MTIE. The PTP Clock Probe is used for PTP clock analysis calculating TE, TIE and MTIE by using timestamps embedded in PTP messages. PTP Network Probe is used for network analysis of the PTP message transport. Slave Probe is a default tool used for slave clock performance monitoring.

Test set for packet networks

Field tool, designed to test and prove 1588v2 PTP, NTP, Sync-E, E1/T1 and Time of Day (ToD) in the network.

Test set for TDM networks

Testing the synchronisation network is important to check stability of signal distributed. Oscilloquartz proposes a test set capable to assess and evaluate any synchronisation signal.

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