Dawn of the small cell era

With the internet of things (IoT) connecting more wireless devices and 5G just around the corner, small cells will have a big role to play. This market is set to grow exponentially in the next few years. Small cells will soon be everywhere and that makes precise synchronization essential. Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) are a key route to highly accurate timing. Supporting GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO, our GNSS clocks provide timing information with the levels of precisions needed for next-generation applications. 

In sync everywhere

Our GNSS clocks deliver accurate and affordable synchronization even in urban canyons.

"Our GNSS clocks provide you with the ideal solution to ensure the precise timing of your application."

Compact and green design

Our series of GNSS clocks boast the smallest available size and power footprint on the market.

What our GNSS technology can do for you

Reliably and robustly synchronized networks and applications are urgently required. They need to not only meet the stringent synchronization accuracy required by 5G radio access networks, financial trading and other distributed applications, but also efficiently deal with deployment and synchronization distribution challenges. Whether you’re looking to deploy solutions in the core, at the edge of the network, or even deep in the radio access network and collocated with the application, our portfolio of synchronization devices provides you with the ideal solution.

Cutting-edge innovation

Our GNSS clocks feature a unique dual GNSS antenna and receiver algorithm to mitigate interference from multipath signals.

Precise timing solutions

With our OSA 5420 and OSA 5410 Series, a family of IEEE 1588v2 PTP synchronization distribution, testing and assurance devices optimized for deployment at the network edge, cost-effective and accurate timing based on GNSS is no longer a challenge. With its Network Time Protocol (NTP) server and multiple synchronization fan-out options, our OSA 5420 Series is also ideal for deployment in legacy synchronization architectures. Our innovative OSA 5405 features a revolutionary patented dual antenna which, combined with our Syncplug™ technology, enables it to deliver accurate and affordable small cell synchronization based on GNSS.


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