NTP servers or Master Clock: security and hot plug system

Some installations are particularly demanding in terms of security and continued service. In order to meet these specific constraints, we design and manufacture master clock and NTP servers with redundancy, operating 24/7 on the “hot plug” principle: the various racks can be changed “on the spot” without shutting down the installation.

We also manufacture less complex time servers and time stations which have functions that efficiently meet the needs of less sensitive sites.

With the Oscilloquartz company, which has one of a kind expertise in Europe, we achieve precision measured in nanoseconds.

The European HOROM project, directed by Gorgy Timing Partnership for France with the Observatory in Besançon and Oscilloquartz for Switzerland, will allow a clock with multiple oscillators to be developed (Hydrogen and Caesium Maser) and time/frequency to be carried to networks.

The aim is to upgrade performances in terms of precision, stability and reliability to reach unimaginable heights for commercial clocks, however to also meet synchronising needs for all types of telecommunications networks with flexible technology and implementation.

NTP Server / Master Clock

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