Oscilloquartz products and services


Frequency Sources

Meeting stringent specifications requires the implementation of a highly accurate Primary Frequency Reference. Generally, this can be achieved using Cesium clocks technology.



Oscilloquartz GNSS equipement offer GPS or GLONASS signal reception to supply highly reliable synchronization clock from two of the world’s largest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).


PTP / IEEE 1588 solutions

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a solution for the distribution of synchronization over IP-based packet networks such as IP, IP/MPLS, Ethernet, IP/xPON and IP/xDSL networks.


Frequency Distribution

Equipment to distribute from a couple of input references to multiple sync outputs, with or without holdover function.


Time-of-day Distribution

The Time Distribution line represents a unique solution for anyone who has a project involving the efficient management of timing signals.


Test & Measurement

Field tools designed to test and prove sync performances in the network.



Software for the architecture and the management of any sync network infrastructure.

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