Plug-in NTP server for OSA 5548C SSU


The availability and distribution of accurate timing information across networks is important for many reasons. Even timing discrepancies as small as a fraction of a second can cause serious errors e.g. where distributed procedures depend on coordinated times to ensure that proper sequences are followed. The availability of precise timing not only helps meet QoS targets and increased customer satisfaction, it also ensures more accurate operations and precise billing systems.

Oscilloquartz’s high performance TCC-NTP (Time Code Card Network Time Protocol) module together with the OSA 5548C SSU delivers a complete NTP solution to any IP-based network. The TCC-NTP Card is a NTP Stratum 1 server which provides a reliable and easy synchronization of Ethernet TCP/IP network. The TCC-NTP card can be installed by just plugging it into in any empty Output card (OUC) group slot of the OSA 5548C SSU/TSG. Up to 10 TCC-NTP cards can be installed in the OSA 5548C SSU-200, making the OSA 5548C as the most redundant and protected NTP server in the market.

Its own base time and algorithm guarantee a high level of accuracy when the GPS card is tracked. Furthermore, the TCC-NTP takes full advantage of the exceptionally high availability and superior holdover performance of the OSA 5548C SSU.

In case of GPS loss, the TCC-NTP references its time base to the best source available: one of the 8 OSA 5548C’s sync inputs or the internal Rubidium or OCXO sources. In these conditions, the time needed to accumulate a time error of 1ms in holdover is more than 4 months when locked on its internal Rubidium and more than 10 days when locked on its internal OCXO.

Each TCC-NTP card provides a high security level: 64 bits RSA™ MD5 encryption, leap time protection, high stability time base and an independent Ethernet port that guarantee security and reliability of its NTP timing service.

The TCC-NTP is easily and safely manageable via the  Oscilloquartz’ SyncViewTMPlus Management Software.



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