Compatible with OSA 5548C and OSA 5335


Synchronization Supply Units (SSU) are widely deployed for SONET/SDH legacy network synchronization in carrier and enterprise network infrastructure. With the migration to packet-switched network technology and SONET/SDH continuing to be used in production networks, the smooth migration from legacy to next-generation network synchronization becomes a critical task.

IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) has been established for precise frequency, phase and time-of day synchronization across packet networks. In addition to deploying stand-alone PTP Grandmaster devices, PTP Grandmaster functionality can be integrated into existing SSU and TSG solutions, leveraging existing infrastructure and enabling smooth migration.

The High-Capacity Telecom IEEE 1588 PTP Module from Oscilloquartz is designed to deliver precise and reliable synchronization from existing SSU platforms. It supports
a large and market-leading number of PTP slave clients and is compatible with the OSA 5548C SSU/TSG platforms as well as the OSA 5335 modular PTP Grandmaster.

The scalable and modular design allows operators to increase the number of PTP clients as their network grows.


Technical Datasheet:

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