A major milestone in small cell deployment

With the internet of things (IoT) and impending roll out of 5G, small cells are becoming increasingly important. Operators urgently need a way to reliably and affordably deliver new levels of phase accuracy. They require a solution that enables a smooth transition from legacy synchronization. What’s more, they need a device that can be deployed indoor, outdoor and in the most challenging locations. That’s why we created our OSA 5405 to effectively deliver small cell synchronization in any environment and eliminate all restrictions. Featuring the industry’s only ultra-compact dual antenna GNSS technology to mitigate interference, it enables total deployment flexibility.

Meeting stringent timing requirements

Our OSA 5405 has been specifically engineered to deliver the strict synchronization needed for 4.5G and 5G. 

"Synchronization right at the edge of the network can now be easily achieved …"

Smooth transition

Harnessing our OSA 5405 to efficiently migrate away from legacy GNSS RF antennas and coax cables reduces capital expenditure and operating costs.

Unprecedented flexibility

Available in both indoor and outdoor variants, our OSA 5405 can be deployed in even the most difficult environments, such as urban canyons, where GNSS signals often fail. With its rugged housing for outdoor deployment, our OSA 5405 delivers unparalleled freedom to locate synchronization precisely where it’s most effective. Its small footprint means it can also be installed on indoor windows to avoid multipath signal interference from objects within the building. And, our OSA 5405 also boasts the smallest available power footprint, making this the greenest small cell synchronization technology on the market.

Welcome to a new era of mobile connectivity

With improvements to reliability and precision, our OSA 5405 significantly enhances mobile service quality of experience.

Reducing complexity and cost

Synchronization right at the edge of the network can now be easily achieved thanks to the compact design of our OSA 5405 and its ability to be easily mounted indoor and outdoor. This minimizes complexity and power requirements as well as installation and operating costs. Another key feature is IP connectivity. This means that synchronization becomes an element of the internet of things. The OSA 5405’s highly precise GNSS-sourced synchronization is supported by network-based Synchronous Ethernet and PTP backups. In high-rise buildings, it can also deliver synchronization over optical fiber. What’s more, the ADVA FSP Sync Manager with comprehensive Syncjack™ assurance guarantees efficient operations.

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