European Digital Cesium Frequency Standard


Atomic clocks standards are needed to generate highly accurate frequencies. These are typically used as Primary Reference in telecommunications networks, navigations systems, ground stations (LORAN C, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, etc…), long wave and medium wave broadcasting stations.

Atomic clocks can also be used for specific inertial navigation systems where external “time reference signals” are not available or insufficiently protected regarding transmission risks. Another field of application is for astrophysics, where very high precision atomic clocks can be used for long-baseline interferometers. The Oscilloquartz’s 3030B Eudics is specifically designed and produced with the latest technology to serve these complex applications. Highly compact, the OSA 3030B EUDICS offers a unique set of operational features and performance, including greatly enhanced and easy integration into industrial, professional and time and frequency host systems.


Technical Datasheet:

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