Improve facility maintenance's efficiency and accuracy

There are many kinds of facilities in manufacturing factory, include mechanical and electrical installations, pipework, Refractory and others. General failures include overheat or leakage after long time operations. Thermal imager can quickly find some potential faults which are hard to be seen by naked eyes. By accurately locating failure position, it helps to save cost and ensure equipment safe operations.

Bearings overheat fault detection

Electric motor or water pump’s overheat can cause sudden breakdown of production lines. While, some high speed bearings are hard to be checked because of their installation positions or safety reasons. By using non-contact thermal imagers, the overall temperature data and overheat spot positions can be displayed intuitively, so that the continuous production can be ensured.

Motors fault detection

Motor failures like brush oxidation and overload can produce extra heat, and it will increase rapidly. As a intuitive and safe maintenance tool, thermal imager can find potential faults at very early stage, so to avoid production stops or accidents.

Cabinet's cooling fan fault detection

Cooling fan is a small but important component in cabinet’s cooling system, because it affects the working environment of all electrical components inside. By using non-contact thermal imager, the cooling fans faults can be find quickly and accurately.

Cooling AC unit detection

Cooling AC unit is normally used for factory production cooling or power transformer cooling, to ensure the continuous production. Thermal imager provides a very intuitively detection solution to show the overall temperature data and abnormal temperature rise, so that any systems faults will not be missed.

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