K3 with Camera

All indoor places with high human traffic flow such as MRT, LRT & Railway stations,  Airports, Shopping Mall, Hospital, School and Office block could be more easily exposed to the most recent COVID-19 pandemic and according to MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) all companies are required to provide thermal scanners as well as screening for Covid-19 symptoms such as coughing, sore throat or breathing difficulties. The readings of the workers must be recorded and kept for a period of at least three months for reference. 


Equipped with thermal imaging non-contact temperature measuring module, medical precision temperature measuring accuracy up to 0.5°C, real-time & automatic collection of recording body temperature information。

Report can be export / save to an external disk for storage & track back purpose.

If the temperature data exceeds the threshold set by the user, the terminal will issue an abnormal warning, effective screening of abnormal temperature personnel.

Based on face recognition technology, non-contact access control and attendance, effectively avoid the potential risk of traditional contact access control.

Equipped with a binocular camera, can effectively resist photos, video and other cheating attacks to ensure the accuracy of data.

It can quickly lock the target identity of body temperature abnormality through face recognition, and improve the efficiency of pre-warning, in-process and post-trace.

Using high-performance, high-stability embedded Linux system, BUILT-IN HIGH-PERFORMANCE AI processor.

Support for the installation of gate, wall, WI-FI / 4g network communication mode, rapid deployment, to meet the needs of various installation environments and scenarios, reduce the risk of cross-infection, save human and material resources.

The temperature measurement accuracy is not affected by the working temperature of the airframe. The airframe IP65 protection grade is suitable for wide temperature range from -10 °C to 60 °C.


The body temperature can be measured con-tactlessly to reduce the cross infection especially during the period of COVID19.

Accurate & Reliable

The body temperature can be quickly measured within a range of 0.5m - 2m, with an accuracy of ±0.5°C or better.

Fast Reading

The reading able to be done within a second. With the multi-screening system, the temperature is displayed on every faces being detected.

Auto Snapshot

Picture is automatically stored inside the device & trigger the alarm when body temperature exceed the pre-configure threshold.



Thermal Imaging Camera offer quick and accurately detection of raised body temperature in moving crowds, and give immediate warnings for any abnormalities.

Yes. The heat sensors of the camera are highly accurate at indoor facilities and commercial buildings. Please contact us for outdoor application.

All our products accuracy range is at least +/-0.5 °C

All our product are designed for Plug-and-Play. It only takes less than 5 ~10 minutes to set up.

All the recorded data will be stored in the local memory drive and also can upload to the cloud storage or PC for records purposes.

The estimated measurement distance will be around 1 – 3 meters depends on-site environment. 

The recommended speed to ensure the best performance will be 2Mpbs.

Yes. Installation manual is provided for every unit purchased.

We will ship the equipment directly to you and we will guide you the setup remotely. We offer on-site support (subject to approval by the authorities) with minimum charges.

No. Our technical team will inform you should there be any critical updates and/or patches you may need to install, and we will provide remote installation if necessary.

We support remotely via email or whatsapp. Our technical team is ready 24/7.

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