Keep your patient’s health a Top priority with a synchronized time system

In hospitals and medical care facilities, time is critical. Reports, charts and recorded procedures require consistent time entries to ensure accurate record keeping. With an accurate synchronized clock system hospitals can reduce time-based billing and insurance disputes, proactively minimizing risk.

Efficient time management is an essential attribute for doctors, nurses and staff to possess in order to effectively tend to patients’ needs. It’s important for hospitals to provide their staff with the resources that can maximize this skill because the well being of patients as well as the reputation of a hospital hangs in the balance. Implementing a synchronized clock system is the most effective way to maximize time management skills in a hospital. A synchronized clock system can provide many benefits for a hospital that cannot be duplicated.

LEDI® Network TS

The innovative range of LEDI NETWORK TS (Time Servers) updates devices connected to ETHERNET network and clocks connected to this network. Implementation is simple : just “plug and play”.

A complete range of servers that have:

LEDI® Network ITS V2m

The enhanced version of LEDI Network ITS V2m with redundant inputs and equipped with a high efficiency internal oscillator. Their stability offers an efficient and secured synchronization in all circumstances.

LEDI® & LEDICA® Digital Clock

Digital clock LEDI®, international timepiece, has been created with perfection, its design and its innovations are immediately identifiable as GORGY TIMING original model.

HANDI® Analog Clock

The Standard version of HANDI® analogue clock range is composed of a flat aluminum case, a white dial with black Arabic numerals and hands, ensuring easy visibility.

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