Ensure the safe operation of electrical systems

The electric utilities industry contains power generation, transmission, substation and distribution. When electric utilities experience a breakdown, end consumers will face with loss of power supply. As a non-contact, intuitive and accurate equipment, thermal imager is widely used to detect a variety of temperature abnormal when systems are under load, such as short circuit, insulator failure, connectors poor crimping and so on.

Transformer box detection

Tunnel water leak can cause electric short circuits and other hazards, which threatens the safety of the tunnel. The traditional inspection method is by eye-check every day, but it is very time consuming and easy to miss. By using handheld thermal imager, Inspectors can locate the leak spot in a faster and smarter way,for further analysis and maintenance.

Transformer’s bushing joint detection

Many reasons can cause temperature abnormal and oxidation in bushing joints, such as lack of oil in bushing, poor contact of conductive circuit connector and so on. Fotric thermal imager can help to easily find the hot spot and the root cause, so the work efficiency will be improved and the accident will be avoid.

High-voltage line connector detection

The high voltage line connectors could appear abnormal temperature faults, if have oxidation corrosion or wire connection loose problems. Thermal imager can be used to monitor the lines’ temperature status, improve reliability, reduce maintain cost, optimize the maintenance plan and ensure the safe operation of transmission line.

Capacitor compensation cabinet connectors detection

As the mostly common used facility in electric supply systems, if capacitor compensation cabinet has temperature abnormal, it will affect the power supply or even cause explosion. Thermal imager can locate the problem in the early stage, so the repair work can be down in advance, and system breakdown could be avoided.

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