Efento Cloud is a platform that allows you to collect, analyse and visualise sensor data, generate reports out of it and notify users, if the values measured by the sensors are out of the safe range. Efento Cloud works with all Efento sensors, no matter what communication technology they use. Platform offers RESTful API, which can be used to integrate it with any third party software. Users can access Efento Cloud through a web browser or a mobile application.


Efento IoT platform allows you to collect the data from all Efento sensors, no matter what do they measure and what technology do they use to communicate with the platform. You can use Efento Cloud with both NB-IoT sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy sensors with gateways.


We provide you with a web dashboard and a free mobile application to access your data and manage your fleet of sensors. No matter where you are, you will always be able to check the measurements or get notified, if something is wrong.


Efento Cloud offers RESTful API, which can be used to integrate the sensor data to any third party solution. All the platform functions are available through the API.


Data that reaches the platform can be visualized on graphs, exported as PDF or CSV reports or can be used to trigger alerts if the measurements are out of the safe range.

Dashboard – key information at a glance

Dashboard collects the most important information in one place. You can quickly see the list of all sensors along with their current measurements and statuses, filter out the devices you want to see or browse devices assigned to a specific location.



Locations are used to map your organization’s structure in the form of a tree and assign individual sensors to its branches. The method of grouping is not a subject to any restrictions, you can use geographical (e.g. Country -> Province -> City -> Facility), functional (e.g. Type of facility -> City -> Exact location) or other, better suited to your organization.


In the dashboard, you can see the current status of each sensor. This allows you to see, which devices have problems or report values out of the safe range.


Efento Cloud enables quick and convenient filtering and sorting of sensors. You can filter the sensors by name, serial number, measured physical size or location. In addition, you can quickly filter out sensors in alarm state, non-working sensors, low battery sensors or switched off devices.

Data presentation


Data from the sensors can be presented on interactive charts. You can freely select the chart range, scroll the chart or zoom in to see the details.


You can upload the plan of the building in which sensors are deployed and place the devices on it. This will allow you to quickly check, which device has a problem.


The platform allows you to display the measurements in the form of table containing timestamp and measured value. You can freely select the range of the table.

Security of your data

We know that security of data is important and we take care of it at all points: sensors, gateways and platform. Moreover, we take care of backups, so you never lose your data.


Communication from the sensor to the IoT platform is fully encrypted. Bluetooth Low Energy sensors send the data to Efento Gateway with AES 128 encryption and Gateway sends the data to the platform with TLS encryption (https). Efento and NB-IoT sensors allow you to configure an APN to make sure that nobody can access your data.


Efento Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services servers and all the data is kept in two locations – Dublin and Frankfurt. In case of any problems with one of the data centers, we are able to quickly restore the data from another one. Moreover, Efento Gateways and Efento Sensors are equipped with build in memory, which stores the measurements from a few months and in case of any issues, send them to the platform once the communication is re-established.


GxP is a set of requirements for organisations that produce food and medical products, to provide safety for consumers and to ensure the integrity of data used to make product-related safety decisions. Check out our white-paper describing Efento Cloud’s compliance with GxP requirements.

Wide range of measured values

Let us know what you want to measure and we will provide you with a sensor. Each Efento wireless sensor (Bluetooth Low Energy and NB-IoT) can measure up to six values. Pick the values you want or check the list of ready made sensors that we have on stock. Do you need to measure something which is not on the list? Contact us and we will check if we can provide you with a sensor to measure it.

Efento sensors offer very high accuracy of the measured values. If you wish, at an additional fee, we can provide you with a calibration certificate issued by a certified laboratory. Learn more about the calibration service.

Open / Close
Pulse Counter
Soil Moisture

Alerts and notifications

We know that you want to be notified as soon as possible, if anything goes wrong with the assets you monitor. Therefore, we created alert rules engine, which allows you to set conditions on which you will be notified.


You can define any number of alarm rules and assign sensors to each rule. The rule consists of stimulus, condition and action, for example: if the temperature rises above 10 degrees, the platform will send an SMS notification to selected recipients. The rules can be configured in any way, e.g. sending notifications to different recipients depending on the exceeded threshold, low sensor’s battery level is only to be logged in the system (without sending a notification), etc.


The Platform notifies you about any issues in the most convenient way: SMS, email or notification in the mobile application. The platform allows sending notifications to any number of users.


Each alert can be confirmed on the platform. Once a user confirms the alert, a comment can be keyed in. This allows you to track the list of the alerts along with the information who and when noticed it and what actions have been taken.


Platform allows you to schedule an automatic report. A report with the data from selected sensors will be delivered to your email address with the configured frequency (e.g. every Monday, every first day of the week, everyday). You can select the report content (e.g. only measurements or measurements and information about exceeded thresholds) and report type (PDF or CSV). On top of that, you can generate an on-demand report anytime you want.


CSV (Comma Separated Values) reports are used to export data from the platform in a form which can be imported to third party software. CSV reports can contain all the information including the measurements, information on exceeded thresholds and technical information about sensors.


PDF reports are non-editable and are used to document the measured values. PDF reports contain graphs along with the information on thresholds (threshold values, how many times and for how long were the thresholds exceeded, duration of the longest exceedance). Moreover, in the PDF report you can find some statistics like MKT, standard deviation, min/max values.

Mobile application

All the features of Efento Cloud IoT platform can be accessed also from mobile application. You can display current and historical measurements from the sensors, check the alerts, change the alarm rules, generate and schedule reports and manage users. All you need to do is download a free mobile application from Google Play and log in to your Efento Cloud account. The application is also used to wirelessly configure NB-IoT sensors and Efento Gateways.

Users management

Efento Cloud allows you to add any number of users to your organization at no additional fees. Moreover, you can grant different permissions to each user, so she/he can only access the data and functions she/he is allowed to.


For users in your organisation, you can create administrator accounts who can configure the system (e.g. edit alarm rules, move sensors between locations, add new users), managers who have access to data and the ability to edit some settings (e.g. alarm rules) and analysts who only have access to data without the ability to edit any settings.


In addition, permissions can be granted to specific locations, so that a person from London does not have access to data from New York.

… and more


All the actions taken by users (settings changes, removing a sensor, adding a new user, etc.) are logged in the audit trail accessible for system administrators.


We provide all the materials necessary to validate the IT system in accordance with the most popular standards used around the World.


Efento Cloud is complaint with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practise, Good Distribution Practice and CFR Part 11.

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