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Insulation missing or damage, exterior wall air leak, moisture, HAVC system fault and other substandard works often result in huge economic loss for Residential and commercial building owners. Thermal imaging can help to quickly find the hidden problems, so smarter repair decisions will be made.

Water leak detection of subway tunnel

Tunnel water leak can cause electric short circuits and other hazards, which threatens the safety of the tunnel. The traditional inspection method is by eye-check every day, but it is very time consuming and easy to miss. By using handheld thermal imager, Inspectors can locate the leak spot in a faster and smarter way,for further analysis and maintenance.

Air leak detection of doors, windows and walls

Air leaks often cause problems with the ventilation system, or poor indoor climate. when cold air is coming through a leak in the construction, it cools down the surface area’s temperature, which can be detected by thermal Imager. Thermal imager can also be used to find the thermal bridges, heat insulation issues, and heat resources in a building construction.

Monitoring of floor heating system and plumbing

Thermal imaging is a perfect tool to detect blocked or hidden pipelines issues. Even if the heating system pipes are laid under the floor or inside a wall, the heat radiates through the surface and the pattern can be easily detected. A regular thermal check plan is recommended to ensure the heating system’s high-performance and safe operation in winter.

Perishing detection of window sealant strip

In this figure, there is a clear heat exchange phenomenon at the seams of the glass and window frame. Minimum temperature is -2.8 degree, indicating that there is an air leak. The site check confirmed that the window sealant strip is perished, and is recommended to be glued as soon.

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