AI Fever Screening System

The outbreak caused by the new corona virus (COVID-19) has brought great challenges to all walks of life. With the advent of resumption of labor and production, the prevention and control of new corona viruses across the country has entered a critical period. How to safely, quickly, and efficiently implement the temperature detection of employees, residents, passengers, and other personnel has become important for prevention and control. Combining AI image recognition technology and thermal imaging technology, a non-contact, high-precision, efficient and safe AI thermal imaging body temperature screening solution was launched.


The SC-26B operates AI face detection module, automatically locking each individual face for temperature measurement, intelligently shielding high-temperature sources from other faces in the scene.

Built-in body temperature calibration algorithm, which automatically collects face temperature in different scenarios for self-learning, and adjusts the body temperature alarm threshold in real time by adapting to ambient temperature changes, preventing people who report abnormal body temperature due to morning or night temperature differences.

During the test process, SC-26B can automatically count the number of personnel and the number of suspected abnormal body temperature alarms for epidemic prevention and control.

When an abnormal temperature of a person is detected, SC-26B will automatically emit an alert, and the facial recognition frame will be immediately displayed in red accordingly for a rapid on-site identification.

When the alarm is triggered by an abnormal body temperature, SC-26B will automatically capture the photo of the detected person for further statistics and analysis.

24 hours uninterrupted work, real-time display of temperature and high temperature alarm times and has the function of classification and statistics.

Quick deployment, 10 minutes to deploy screening 40 people per minute.


The body temperature can be measured con-tactlessly to reduce the cross infection especially during the period of COVID19.

Accurate & Reliable

The body temperature can be quickly measured within a range of 0.5m - 2m, with an accuracy of ±0.5°C or better.

Fast Reading

The reading able to be done within a second. With the multi-screening system, the temperature is displayed on every faces being detected.

Crowd Detection

The system able to perform crowd screening up to 60 people at a time & capture their picture automatically when fever is detected.



Thermal Imaging Camera offer quick and accurately detection of raised body temperature in moving crowds, and give immediate warnings for any abnormalities.

Yes. The heat sensors of the camera are highly accurate at indoor facilities and commercial buildings. Please contact us for outdoor application.

All our products accuracy range is +0.5 °C

All our product are designed for Plug-and-Play. It only takes less than 5 ~10 minutes to set up.

All the recorded data will be stored in the local memory drive and also can upload to the cloud storage or PC for records purposes.

The estimated measurement distance will be around 1 – 3 meters depends on-site environment. 

The recommended speed to ensure the best performance will be 2Mpbs.

Yes. Installation manual is provided for every unit purchased.

We will ship the equipment directly to you and we will guide you the setup remotely. We offer on-site support (subject to approval by the authorities) with minimum charges.

No. Our technical team will inform you should there be any critical updates and/or patches you may need to install, and we will provide remote installation if necessary.

We support remotely via email or whatsapp. Our technical team is ready 24/7.

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